Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison suggests the answer lies not with the bacteria.

Listening Interactions of animals with their microbiota have a profound impact on their gene expression and a stable compound with a microorganism requires a lot of conversation between the microbe and the host to create, says UW-Madison medical microbiologist Margaret McFall – Ngai, Senior – author of the new study.. Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison suggests the answer lies not with the bacteria, but with the host.A study appearing online this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences may help reveal what sets platonic relationship platonic relationship apart from a pathogenic. In the paper , identify researchers from the UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health and the University of Iowa a whole range of microbial-induced genetic changes in a tiny squid, including a set of evolutionarily conserved genes, the mysteries of the the secrets of can maintain a mutually beneficial relationship.

They identified hundreds of genes through the creation of a stable bacterial partnership, including some known to play a role in human responses to bacteria are affected.

Order in the animal-microbe conversation, listen are connected takes advantage of a relatively simple host – bacterium relationship: the Hawaiian bobtail squid, a colorful critter less than two inches long that nurtures a single type of light – producing bacteria called Vibrio fischeri. The bacteria produce their residence in a specialized pouch on the squid belly and light that the squid uses as anti-predator camouflage. In return, the bacteria easy access to nutrients from the squid.

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