Researchers Dig for Reason behind Dog Diabetes: WEDNESDAY.

In healthy dogs, the researchers discovered that islet cells were made up around 80 % beta cells. This finding could explain why dogs develop diabetes at such an older age. ‘If they are starting with a more substantial supply of beta cells, it could give them a longer period before they develop the condition,’ explained study author Dr. Rebecca Hess, a veterinarian and chief of inner medicine at the School of Veterinary Medication at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. The study also found that ‘the architecture of the islets in canines was more similar to individual islets, in sharp contrast to mice and rats,’ Hess said.In children beneath the age of 10, most had type 1 diabetes, known as insulin-dependent diabetes previously, regardless of their race or ethnicity. Even among old youth ages 10-14, type 1 diabetes was common among non-Hispanic white , African-American and Hispanic adolescents , but was much less common amongst Asian Pacific Islander and American Indian youth . In all age ranges, the highest rates of type 1 diabetes were seen in non-Hispanic white boys and girls. SEARCH estimates of type 1 diabetes incidence are higher than the incidence of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus reported by earlier U.S.