Reveals research from the Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg.

The results present that characteristics can be similar: individuals with schizophrenia and individuals with Asperger syndrome both demonstrated high levels of autistic characteristics according to a self-report questionnaire. Moreover, the capability to interpret social interactions appears to be simply as impaired in schizophrenia as in Asperger syndrome. Simlilarity between Asperger and schizophrenia On the other hand, none of the 54 people with Asperger syndrome included in the study, had a analysis of schizophrenia, and simply two had had any type of psychotic disorder..As a ‘selling point,’ the Section of Health and Human Services has continually claimed that some enrollees is only going to pay as little as $18 a month, but of course the department’s officials don’t ever talk about that the bulk of those premiums will be borne by taxpayers. Costs are rising, compensation is falling, and access will be harder to come by There are a true number of reasons why premiums are increasing, but analysts note that the most common reason is the minimum coverage specifications required by regulations. They are the administration’s extremely acclaimed ‘essential health advantages,’ and insurers must provide them as basic packages .