Rheumatology researchers convened a global committee to address the nagging problem directly.

Dr. Erkan is the newly-elected Executive Committee Chair of APS Actions also. Since APS ACTION formed, physicians have already been vocal in their determination to progress APS study and treatment and to not really be derailed by variations of opinion related to medical practice. I read a post on a Facebook group for APS individuals having said that, ‘Finally these researchers have started to work together.’ That was sobering, recalled Dr. Erkan. While treatment of APS touches on contentious issues, the enthusiasm of APS ACTION participants can be palpable.AASLD looks forward to – – and its members work diligently to realize – – the day when an all-oral, interferon-free, shortened treatment may be used to get rid of the virus from patients with hepatitis C. As research in hepatitis C proceeds, the fight against hepatitis B does therefore too, and AASLD people are at the forefront of these battles. We are proud to partner with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and others at HHS wherever there is an opportunity to raise knowing of both hepatitis B and C. May is Hepatitis Awareness Month.