San Diego that were during the epidemic in the autumn 2009 infected.

The results have. Important implications in the controversy about how best to reduce the spread of the virus 2009, The investigators had planned to study in the spring of 2009, was by a new strain of H1N1 identified in San Diego, and quickly spread throughout the world, says co-author Robert T. Schooley UCSD. ‘We concluded that the epidemic would resume in the fall and that the college-age population would be particularly vulnerable because the people under age 50 had lower levels of immunity to the new strain.

The results suggest that a vaccine targeting HERV proteins by producing genes could help to keep the immune system HIV in check, says SenGupta. Our research helps the groundwork for the development of a new therapeutic or preventative HIV vaccine. Will this lead to a new anti – HIV therapy J Virol could be improved all over the world. SenGupta, RGS Vieira et al Strong human endogenous retrovirus – specific T-cell responses associated with control of HIV-1 in chronic infection, J. Virol 85:6977-5985).

The work could even of relevance to human physiology, says Rosengaus.Breakage breaks inducing from ionizing radiation or chemotherapy are often used types of various types of Krebs cells. Double-strand DNA breaks are highly toxic to cells where non repair, leads to cell death. However, increased DNA repair capacity break in multiple tumor cells often leads to radiation resistance and limits the efficacy of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. – Yaacov Michlin, CEO of Yissum, commented: ‘According to the CDC, in 2013, cancer been the second most death in the U.S., only easy exceed from heart disease is Hence there is a large need for effective targeted treatments to less side effects the. Treatment by the Hebrew University researchers inventing holds great promise as a a new biological treatment of cancer..

Scientists discovered a small peptide out of the HIV-1 Vif protein which inhibit DNA repair deduced specifically in activated hematopoietic cells after exposure ionizing radiation. It can in fact of inhibiting DNA repair to lymphoid and meyloid malignancies, as lymphoma or myeloma, thereby. More susceptible to radiation therapy and chemotherapy on activated Vif-derived peptide DNA repair inhibition of a protein inhibition of a protein , called A3G which is for antiviral innate immunity.