There is no relationship between your development of anti-peptide reactivity and the target clinical response. Post-treatment levels of CD4+foxp3+ cells were higher in patients who had a clinical response to treatment than in those who did not have a reply . There was no aftereffect of the vaccine on this difference. Additional results are supplied in the Supplementary Appendix. Discussion This randomized study showed the clinical good thing about a vaccine in the treatment of patients with measurable metastatic melanoma. Sufferers receiving the HLA*A0201-restricted peptide gp100:209-217 with interleukin-2 were more than twice as likely to have a medical response as those receiving interleukin-2 alone .A post hoc analysis revealed an interaction between research group and preexisting coronary heart disease; among patients with preexisting coronary heart disease, there have been 11 deaths from cardiovascular causes in the olmesartan group as compared with 1 in the placebo group . An additional exploratory analysis showed extra interactions: among individuals with preexisting cardiovascular system disease, those in the lowest quartile of systolic blood pressure and those in the best quartile of reduction in systolic blood pressure through the double-blind treatment period acquired the best rates of death from cardiovascular causes .