Scientists May Have Found Marker for Schizophrenia: WEDNESDAY.

12, 2015 – – Human brain irregularities can be found before a person develops schizophrenia, researchers report. In previous work, the Yale University researchers found that schizophrenia was associated with significant changes in connections between your thalamus and the frontal cortex. The thalamus is a major relay program in the brain, and the frontal cortex can be involved in higher-level thinking. In this new study, the researchers discovered that these changes already are present before schizophrenia, a serious mental illness, is diagnosed.In the second quarter of 2010, a lot more than 620 suppliers purchased Feraheme for the first time; 68 percent of the new customers were hematology treatment centers and hospitals. In the near term, we are centered on the successful commercialization of Feraheme in the CKD market and are happy with the continued growth in Feraheme utilization, said Brian J.G. Pereira, MD, President and CEO of AMAG. Longer term, we plan to increase the reach of Feraheme, both and to new patient populations geographically.