The aim of the research was undertaken by AZTI-Tecnalia.

The conversion of linoleic acid in their conjugates is selective if microorganisms are used, so that only two of the isomers of those possible. The production yields were low, and for this reason, further research is carried out it it.. The aim of the research was undertaken by AZTI-Tecnalia, food preparation. The efficiency of certain lactic acid bacteria, study on the production of functional fatty acids may be by means of the isomerization of linoleic acid in its conjugated isomers. Results show that the lactic acid bacteria analyzed, at least one of them, the double bonds of linoleic acid, whereby conjugation of two isomers: 9 – cis, 11-trans 18:2 and 9-trans – 11 – trans-18: 2.

Notes:. 1 Angelico M , et al, the current assignment policy of liver grafts from HBcAb Postive donors must improve: Evidence from the liver – match cohort study at the International liver CongressTM 2014.

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Journal of Clinical Investigation Table Of Contents 26 In January 2009TITLE: Hedgehog Signalling is a protective action in the glucocorticoid-induced mouse neonatal brain injury through an 11-beta – HSD2 -dependent mechanism.