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In addition, 0.4 percent of adults who never had a history of smoking cigarettes currently use e-cigarettes. Breaking the info down by generation, 9.7 percent of non-smokers age 18-24 experienced tried an e-cigarette, followed by 3.5 percent of those ages 25-44, 1.2 percent of those ages 45-64, and 0.2 percent of those ages 65 and older, the researchers found. The CDC considered nonsmokers to become adults who had not smoked 100 cigarettes within their lifetime. A NPR-Truven Wellness Analytics Health Poll lately found that 57 percent of adults believe the FDA should regulate e-cigarettes like tobacco items.The bioresorbable technology is designed to restore blood flow by starting a clogged vessel and providing support until it is healed. Once the vessel can remain open without the extra support, the bioresorbable scaffold is made to be metabolized by the body slowly, and is dissolved over time completely. Since a permanent implant is not left behind, a vessel treated with BVS has the ability to ultimately move, flex and pulsate identical to an untreated vessel. The potential to restore these occurring vessel features naturally, or vascular restoration therapy, is what makes Abbott’s BVS unique in the field of cardiology.