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The conference, which was organized by the World YWCA, than 1,500 than 1,500 AIDS advocates, celebrities, community health workers, world leaders and policy. The summit doctors advise . Aims impact of HIV / impact of HIV / AIDS on women and girls and examined issues such as violence against women, poverty and children’s rights and access to resources The summit will be from the international community of women who convened with HIV / AIDS together and had support from UNAIDS Global Coalition ‘on Women and AIDS and the United Nations Population Fund (Kaiser Daily HIV / AIDS Report.

Women HIV / AIDS conference delegates Development Action Plan To Women, Girls’ Leadership in the fight against disease Fosterdelegates on Saturday in the vicinity of the first International Women’s Summit on Women Leadership and HIV and AIDS in Nairobi, published a 10-point action plan, the leadership of women and girls in the fight against HIV / AIDS, the nation / reports encouraging is.

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