The following highlights recent news of state actions on health womenabortion RegulationsLouisiana.

As a result, small areas of lungs are prone to collapse, allowing patients chances of developing pneumonia, suffering respiratory failure or experiencing a worsening of existing lung disease such as emphysema.. The following highlights recent news of state actions on health womenabortion RegulationsLouisiana. The Senate voted 27-0 on Monday to the final approval of a bill , prohibit abortion in the state would, unless the pregnancy threatens the woman’s life or could they serious health problems, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports v. The measure would only be effective if the U.S. Supreme Court Roe tilts Wade – the 1973 Supreme Court case that abortion abortion excluded state – or if the U.S. Constitution is amended allowing states to ban the procedure . The bill, which was approved by the state House last week would penalize the doctors who abortions with one to 10 years in prison and fines of $ 10,000 to carry out up to $ 100,000, but it would not punish undergo the procedure undergo the procedure.

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