The peptide named LLP2A Lam binds to a receptor found on the surface of lymphocytes.

The peptide – named LLP2A Lam – binds to a receptor found on the surface of lymphocytes. In the Nature Chemical Biology paper, Lam reports that LLP2A attracted specifically to malignant lymphocytes, not healthy.

Known as the one-bead one-compound method, Cancer Center enables scientists millions of new compounds in less than a week to synthesize and analyze them in a few days.. We LLP2A believe may be an ideal vehicle for the delivery of radionuclides, cytotoxic drugs, cytokines and nanoparticles to lymphoid cancers which include non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and acute lymphocytic leukemia may be said Lam.

In their paper, Lam and his colleagues report that they already LLP2A successfully image lymphoid tumors in living mice. Researchers coupled near infrared fluorescent dyes to LLP2A peptides, and if the dye-labeled peptides found and locked to a tumor, the tumor was visible at a near infrared scanner.

LLP2A was identified with a combinatorial chemistry method Lam developed more than a decade ago.Does not, patient Losing Sleepover Birthday Blood pressure apparatus?

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