The project evaluates a new method for studying the effectiveness of treatments for depression.

The project evaluates a new method for studying the effectiveness of treatments for depression. It will track with electronic medical records, such as individuals to respond to various treatments over time. The study health health against various factors in hundreds of Group Health medical records on privacy the protection of privacy. – ‘As long as antidepressants have existed, researchers have opportunities sought to patients with specific treatments that suit them best meet,’said Group Health psychiatrist Greg Simon, He is also a senior investigator at Group Health Research Institute, Group Health Center for Health Studies..

And health care reform – the federal government is for the comparative effectiveness research as a way to base medicine called the best available evidence. The goal: to ensure that people receive the most effective health system.. Environmental factors such as family and social deprivation are also strong independent predictors of smoking, both during adolescence and adulthood. However, the results improve our understanding of the biological mechanisms begin to people to stop smoking and to develop a heavy consumption patterns.

During the two year study, team is planning a second, much larger investigation.The number of people was spectrum disorders spectrum disorders during the last years in recent years Although there is some uncertainty about the role biological for better diagnosis, greater recognition of the disorders. And environmental factors and there growing agreement the research that genes have a major role in autistic spectrum Disorder the release of data in this screen is an important step towards identifying genes in ASD participated.

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Dedicated to The Autism Consortium, a group of researchers, doctors and families radical accelerating research and improve the clinical treatment for autistic, announced the first genome the first genome scanned for autistic spectrum disorders by its autistic Generated Discovery Project of and the reference data issued for a database that autism scientists be used all around the world. The scan has been performed by using a new, high resolution technology develops Affymetrix at genetic information on more than 3,000 children with ASD and their families. – This release on genetic and phenotypic data on autism, a significant success for to autism research, said Thomas Island, Director of National Institute for Mental Health.