The rate of breast cancer in Latinas is lower than in the general population.

Already the largest minority in the United States by 13 % by 2050 and are one of three people is Latino, according to Ramirez. ‘The challenge is, as a group, Latinos have less education, higher poverty rates, less access to health care and lower insurance They also bring unique cultural customs that we must understand in order to facilitate their access, and response to treatment,’she said. ‘We need to playing field playing field to provide this population with better screening for early detection and better access to quality of care.

Ramirez received the fifth annual AACR – Minorities in Cancer Research Jane Cooke Wright Lectureship at the 101st General Meeting 2013. Her lecture, her lecture, Networks in Acci? N for Latino Cancer Research , April 18, in room 143 of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.The syngo Brevis diagnostic software displays all a subject test results into a single view – for example ultrasound or radiography stock images next to the pictures on MRI – possible with previous technology. Addition the physician to schedule new syngo BreVis Biopsy interventional software and a biopsy is, if needed. Being full automatically and much more rapidly than before. As such, this simple and efficient application is a big step forward for patients and clinicians.. As such these into a single view.

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