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The researchers added color, what evolutionary age, their diagrams of metabolic networks the result is a mosaic of protein fold evolution the mosaic shows that modern metabolic networks. And even individual enzymes -. Of both both very old and much younger protein architectures ‘This mosaic to to tell you that the new enzymes and old enzymes together performing side by side, ‘Caetano – Anoll s saying.’In some cases the same protein you have old domains and new domains work together This finding supports the hypothesis that protein architectures that perform a function often are recruited to new roles.

With the aim of recognizing calcium metabolism alterations and impaired bone mineralization, laboratory and radiology tests, such as dual-energy x – ray absorptiometry frequently frequently. These tests, the information on the health of the bones offer before a specific therapy and help to monitor the progression of the bone disease once the diet started – are nowadays indicated in children also. But are they really necessary in the celiac child?. Into metabolic evolution through the study of protein Folds offers Researchers at the University of Illinois , the world’s first family tree of metabolic protein architecture. Their approach offers a new window on the evolutionary history of metabolism.

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About the the Walter Reed Army Institute of Researchthe Walter Reed Army Institute of Research the biggest, varied and oldest laboratories of U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command. It conducts research in a range of military related topics , including natural strains infectious disease, fight accident nursing operative health threats.