The researchers also found 274 families of proteins In addition among all the nematodes.

The researchers also found 274 families of proteins In addition among all the nematodes, and which do not exist in other organisms, including humans. Furthermore, they identified 64 protein families that are exclusive to nematodes. This provides opportunities for scientists deep into the specifics of nematodes that can be targeted with new drugs, Mitreva says. If these drugs target molecular features clearly attributable to parasitic worms, it is more likely the side effects of these drugs in humans is minimal. .

Source: Washington University in St.FDA says Tessalon liquid cough capsules pose risk for young childrenThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration warns that accidental ingestion of Tessalon of children under 10 years side effects side effects or death. Frequent adverse events in the cases of overdose reported include cardiac arrest, coma and convulsions , signs and symptoms of overdose may within 15-20. Minutes after taking some of the deaths were reported were reported within hours of the accidental ingestion have been.

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