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‘Offering these services not merely meets a vital public health want, but is a very sound investment because it can prevent many at-risk women from time for the criminal justice program. Since women play an essential role in families, academic institutions, business, and federal government, the recovery of ladies to effective lives can have an enormous positive impact on America’s communities.’ The study also found rates of serious mental illness were 2-3 times higher for ladies who had been on probation or on parole than for women who was not on probation or parole .3M Mobile Charge Capture Physicians can capture professional fee costs for any individual encounter by selecting and pairing the correct billing codes with the appropriate diagnosis or procedure. 3M coding advice alerts doctors to incomplete or lacking information, reducing claim denials and advertising accurate reimbursement. 3M Mobile Doctor Solution keeps patient data secure through the use of advanced encryption technology and a complete range of protection features that fulfill HIPAA requirements and hospital-specific security guidelines. 3M Mobile Physician Solution is shipped on the IQMax mHealth Communications System, designed to facilitate real-time communications on industry-leading technology that is highly scalable and very easily implemented..