The working group will act as a support base for a project by the DWP.

The working group will act as a support base for a project by the DWP, designed to bring together an online resource for employees and employers to raise awareness of the support available to to stay in work to stay in work. The site is due to be launched by end 2009. The specific conditions under the project are MS, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, HIV and cancer.

Journalists can do so by Jim Sliwa, ASM Office of Communications, at or by phone at 942-9297.. Mr. Purnell joins the MS Society and a number of charitable organizations, labor organizations and the UK’s leading employers and trade unions at a round table meeting at the Work Foundation in London today (2.

Mr the workplace.te Backs MS Society work Retention ProjectSecretary of State for Work and Pensions James Purnell MP lends his support to a MS Society -led project designed to help people to remain with chronic and fluctuating health conditions in the workplace.

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