To check Before registering a pharmaceutical product and makes it available on the market.

In the case of a new medicine, safety and efficacy through preclinical and clinical studies established, therefore submission of the study data is a prerequisite for registration. Mrs. To the data – exclusivity, can not regulators. On clinical data from the company that originally registered approve approve the marketing of the generic, so these generic manufacturers have their safety and effectiveness studies support.. To check Before registering a pharmaceutical product and makes it available on the market, regulatory quality, safety and efficacy.

Life-saving drugshould not be a monopoly of Clinical Trial Datadata exclusivity – the granting of exclusive rights to commercial companies over clinical and preclinical study data – to make the efforts to produce generic versions of life-saving drugs and harm to endanger the public health, says Karin Timmermans of the World Health Organization in an essay in PLoS Medicine. – write in a personal capacity, says Ms Timmermans that data exclusivity could the efforts to generic versions of the ‘flu drug ‘oseltamivir in the event of a global flu pandemic and data produce exclusivity already disabled is preventing patients get access to generic HIV drugs.

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