The focus of the task is to help expand our knowledge of how concussions impact the mind. There are still so many unanswered queries encircling concussion and the long-term effects of repeated head accidental injuries, said Dr. Tator. We want to determine why some athletes in contact sports activities develop CTE and others don’t, as well as how many concussions result in the onset of this degenerative human brain disease. Also, we need to develop assessments to detect this condition at an early stage also to discover remedies.Though there are plenty of types of sunscreen lotions available however they also sometimes fail to protect us out of this disease. There are three basic types of this disease. They are as the following: – * Malignant melanoma * Basal cell carcinoma * Squamous cell melanoma The most typical treatment of the type is definitely the surgical procedures. Thus as we can see that today a day, the medical technology has advanced to this extent that even a very common type of cancer could be treated. There are plenty of medical center in Melbourne which have become efficient in dealing with them and if you are diagnosed with the condition, do not delay but contact the nearest and also the most effective skin cancer clinic immediately.