Totaling nearly $10 million.

Chung, Dr. Wang, and Dr. Paraskevi Giannakakou from the Winship Malignancy Institute. Each is Georgia Cancer Coalition Distinguished Scholars.. $10 million to establish a multidisciplinary research system in cancer nanotechnology The National Institutes of Health has awarded scientists from Emory University and the Georgia Institute of Technology two new collaborative research grants, totaling nearly $10 million, to establish a multidisciplinary research program in cancer nanotechnology also to develop a new class of nanoparticles for molecular and cellular imaging.It is presumed that the pregnancy has resulted from an illegitimate relationship, and therefore the couple wants an abortion. Teenage pregnancies In consonance with the above stage, abortions, generally in most of the cases, are completed by young teenage girls. Teenage pregnancies are normal in the modern societies, with ideas such as live-in relationships getting more well-known than ever. A, unmarried pregnant woman is never prepared to take up the responsibility of a baby, and therefore, she is likely to abort the baby.