Tweeners Who Think Pot Is Cool MUCH MORE LIKELY to Drink and Drive Later: Study: MONDAY.

Middle school students from 2009 to 2013. The young kids were assessed at age groups 12, 14 and 16. The scientists found that positive beliefs about marijuana and confidence in their ability to not make use of marijuana when the kids were 12 were significant predictors of later traveling drunk or riding with a consuming driver if they were 16. ‘It is very important to intervene early to greatly help prevent DUI or riding with a drinking driver in senior high school,’ said lead researcher Brett Ewing, a statistical project associate at RAND Corp in Santa Monica, Calif.It outlines the essential and desirable requirements for trauma centers seeking consultation or wanting to gain or keep verification by the ACS COT. Some of the major adjustments in the 2014 edition include making the requirements for trauma middle verification clearer and even more measurable; making Level I and Level II trauma centers comparative in the delivery of trauma providers to injured patients clinically; elevating the clinical expectations for Level III trauma centers such as for example response times for critical personnel; including requirements for Level IV trauma centers; and placing a stronger focus on performance improvement for all trauma centers.