West Nile Virus Most Common Mosquito-Borne Illness in U.

About the same number of cases occur each year, Siegel said. It’s tied to the amount of mosquitoes, he said, adding, West Nile isn’t transmittable person-to-person. Siegel said that for most people infected with West Nile virus, it appears like a poor flu with fever, headache and muscle ache. Usually, sufferers are in discomfort for about fourteen days, he said. There’s no treatment for West Nile virus, Siegel stated. The most that can be done is to keep carefully the fever down with aspirin or various other painkillers and drink plenty of fluids, he said. Among the West Nile cases in 2014, more than 600 involved encephalitis and over 500 involved meningitis, the CDC researchers found.We existence strong are having a great team of such professionally qualified Acupuncturist in NORTH PARK that may provide enough comfort and ease in your medical problems. They are highly talented and in addition professionally experienced ones. Many types of medical techniques have reached the medical field for curing the illness and body medical issues. But out of these the original technique called to become acupuncture acquired picked the most prominent positing in healing the body health issues. The primary reason behind this higher effect of acupuncture in the medical field can be that the strength of the medication whatever cures medical issues completely. This technique needs a small time to totally wipe out the condition from the body.