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Women, who abort the youngster by surgical methods, usually do not experience these disorders. * Eating disorders are other abortion pill side effects. Usually these women get enjoy alcoholism and other drug abuses. Women, who give birth to children, do not suffer these problems. * Abortion pill unwanted effects likewise incorporate sexual dysfunctions. Pain and aversion to sex are various other issues, which woman experience after abortion. These are the few abortion pill side effects just. Many others have emerged in individual instances, which depend on this, education and different other factors.In the 1st model, we used a binary time-dependent variable for exposure to the pandemic during pregnancy. In the second model, we treated a clinical diagnosis of influenza during pregnancy as a time-dependent variable, using the next categories: no exposure to the pandemic , publicity without a clinical diagnosis, and exposure with a clinical diagnosis. Exposure to vaccination during pregnancy was a binary time-dependent variable.