With regard to the significance of the project sevella drug.

The results this research will accelerate both the prevention of disease and the development of improved therapies in Mexico and beyond. With regard to the significance of the project, Carlos Slim said: ‘I am convinced that only through genomics , we are in a position to attend the expensive burden of diseases that have the budgets of even the richest countries confronted burden sevella drug . ‘ ‘Carlos Slim makes a visionary commitment to public health in the Americas region in two ways,’said Dr. Director and president of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. ‘First, in the knowledge that progress in public health on a foundation of scientific understanding of the genetic basis of diseases can be established. Secondly, recognizing the intensification of scientific relations between the U.S. And Mexico can great benefits for both countries. We look forward making common cause make common cause with our colleagues in Mexico. ‘.

The Scientific Advisory Board members are :Carlos Bustamante, Professor, Department of Genetics, Stanford School of MedicineThomas Hudson President and Scientific Director of the Ontario Institute for Cancer ResearchGerardo Jim? nez S Sanchez professor of genomic medicine at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Consultant the OECD Working Group on Biotechnology and Scientific Director of the biofields.

The researchers discovered that the same SNP rs36498, Siglec – clear more Brazilian people were found with a prior history of respiratory disorders in the last 12 months or did a life span of asthmatic than those without these characteristics. A different SNP, rs10409962 was Used at higher numbers in Japanese asthmatic subjects as compared to the healthy. Arch Pediatr of Adolescent Medical 2010; 164[ 5]:412-418, 419-424.