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When insulin binds to a receptor at a synapse, turns on a mechanism to survive for the nerve cells memories memories. That Alzheimer’s disease can be partly caused by insulin resistance in the brain, scientists have to ask how this process is initiated. We found the binding of ADDLs synapses somehow prevents accumulation of insulin receptors at synapses, where they are needed, said William L. Professor of neurobiology and physiology in the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences, the research team the LED. Instead, they are piling up where they are made in the cell body, near the nucleus. Receptors.an not reach are receptors. This finding is the first molecular evidence as to why nerve cells need insulin to be resistant in Alzheimer’s disease. .

These studies provide the foundation for effective, yet simple, inexpensive and potentially transformative way to vaccines said Dr.Ramin said his market is established that 14 percent of addicts at the capital Phnom Penh were HIV-positive in 2006 – a figure that 35.1 percent of 35.1 percent from 2007.

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An increase of the injection drug use powered by a driven by an influx of low-cost methamphetamines of rising HIV / AIDS rates review in Cambodia, Lour Ramin, director general the National Authority on combating drugs , said Monday SAPA SAPA / Independent Online.