Wrote the international paper with experts from Germany stronger erections.

The rapid improvement that patients about the solifenacin is very important as patient expectations are high when they experience this highly distressing condition and they can be slightly disappointed if they did not see the first results says Professor Cardozo, stronger erections . Wrote the international paper with experts from Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands Our study found that solifenacin consistently effective at reducing urgency and other symptoms of an overactive bladder and that simple rating scales such as the called PPIUS associated, are a reliable way of measuring treatment outcome was solifenacin is an antimuscarinic oral, which was first marketed in 2004 worldwide and for use for use in over 40 countries.

About nine out of ten study participants were female the mean age was the 58th Most had suffered from an overactive bladder for three to four years.The patients were selected, which was first from from an overactive bladder for more than three months and had three or more urgency episodes. With or without incontinence, in the last three days They had to be willing and able to keep a diary when they emptied their bladder and the level of urgency and degree of effort experienced.

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